Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hello, Mrs. Howard!

OMG! (Every time I use that "expression", or what ever it's called, I think of a teenage girl who flips her hair as she rests one hand on her hip she's just thrown out while striking a pose!)

I've admired Phoebe Howard's work for a while, but after thumbing through the pages of her new book "The Joy of Decorating" I'm in love (drooling!).

Want to know why? There's two - no, three - oh, shoot. There's TONS of reasons, but here's a few: she's an amazing southern designer, she's doesn't have a degree in the subject (so inspiring and encouraging), she was a stay-at-home mom who didn't find her calling until her youngest was in school (dito) and she has put together a fantastic book. Her style is slightly more formal than mine (I love to bring in a lot of organic elements to foil the elegant), but it's classic, simple elegance with amazing use of color. Nothing is ever over done.

I simply love her use of color and textures
Source: via Miss B.e.e. on Pinterest

This is a room created by Mrs. Howard's Store, but it perfectly reflects her style and asthetic.
Source: via Miss B.e.e. on Pinterest

Fun, yet classy foyer or hallway.
Source: via Miss B.e.e. on Pinterest

You MUST pick it up and look at it if possible! Better yet, go buy it. This book is worth the money. Being trained in graphic communications and marketing, I have a huge appreciation for a book that is well designed and laid out. I've seen it mentioned on Cote de Texas and other places, but just picked it up at the library on a whim and I'm so glad I did. I can already tell it's going to be one of my "go to" books as soon as I can get my own copy.

You know I'm going to love a room with natural texture and green!

This is one of my current inspiration images for my master bedroom.
Source: via Miss B.e.e. on Pinterest

I would actually enjoy cooking in a kitchen like this!

I've only started. I can't wait to get done with the day's work so I can curl up to actually finish READING a design book instead of just drooling over the pictures! I study a lot of design books, but rarely find one worth really reading. Most of the time I just study the pictures to see what it is that makes them great rooms/projects/works of art. This book is a perfect marriage of both and fabulously thick, which means I will get to spend several days going through it. Best of all? It comes with a color chart of Mrs. Howard's favorite paint colors! My week is now complete:)


  1. I am a huge fan of hers also...and just got that book. Can't wait until I have time to sit and look at the beautiful spaces!!!

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